Stampare, incorniciare, consegnare ed allestire una mostra fotografica

Print, frame, deliver and set up a photographic exhibition

Setting up a photography exhibition using frames, lightweight, multi-colored passepartouts, and anti-reflective plexiglass at Cinema Victoria presents several challenges that require careful planning and meticulous execution. Here are some of the main difficulties:

1. Choice of materials:

  • Frames: The choice of light frames is essential to avoid weighing down the images and creating a visual overload effect. You must also consider the material of the frame, which must be compatible with the passepartout and the anti-reflective plexiglass.
  • Passepartout: The passepartout plays an important role in the protection of photographs and the aesthetics of the exhibition. The choice of color and material of the passepartout must be carefully considered to enhance the images and create a harmonious atmosphere in the exhibition environment.
  • Anti-Reflective Plexiglas: Anti-reflective Plexiglas is a valuable material for protecting photographs from reflections and environmental damage. However, its installation can be delicate and requires care to avoid air bubbles or imperfections.

2. Montage of photographs:

  • Alignment: It is essential to correctly align photographs within frames and mounts to create a tidy and professional visual effect.
  • Spacing: The spacing between photographs is an important element for enjoying the exhibition. Adequate space should be left between images to prevent them from visually overlapping and to allow visitors to appreciate them individually.
  • Fixing: Fixing photographs inside frames and mounts must be done with care to prevent them from moving or getting damaged during transport or display.

3. Setting up the exhibition:

  • Arrangement of photographs: The arrangement of photographs within the exhibition space must be carefully planned to create a fluid and engaging visit path. Lighting, visitor circulation and the overall visual impact of the exhibition must be considered.
  • Fixing the frames: Fixing the frames to the walls must be done with appropriate tools and supports to ensure the safety and stability of the display.
  • Lighting: Lighting is a fundamental element for enhancing photographs and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the exhibition environment. You need to choose an appropriate position for the paintings, with respect to the lighting, or in the best cases place the lighting based on the arrangement of the paintings.
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